Yoga, Mercury Retrograde and the End of a 26,000 year cycle…

by Nicole Fey on November 5, 2012

From November 6 – 26th we are entering a planetary phase known as Mercury Retrograde.  This occurs four times a year for three weeks at a time.  It is a planetary event in which Mercury halts its direct movement around the sun and actually starts to move backwards through the sky.  This is a natural planetary occurrence.  Mercury rules (influences) all aspects of communication so this event tends to wreak havoc with technology, travel and communication in all forms.  Here’s an example of some Mercury Retrograde scenarios: misplacing your keys, losing your address book, wallet gets stolen, lock the keys in the car, missed appointments, miscommunications around appointments and details, cancelled flights, computer crashing, TV breaking, arguments and accidents.


This is a short list but you get the idea.  Best advice around Mercury Retrograde:  don’t start new projects during this period, don’t buy any big ticket items, pay close attention to details.


It is a time to go inward, become introspective, make plans but don’t implement them.  So this is where yoga comes in.  Yoga, especially meditation, helps facilitate an introspective state.  Done as an ongoing practice, one is bound to have profound insights, huge leaps of personal growth and a flexible, strong body as a bonus.


To make matters more interesting, we (humanity) are coming to the end of a 26,000 year sun cycle.  Every cycle ushers in a new state of consciousness as well as physical changes to our planet.  We are in the last month and a half of the most important, influential planetary event that will take place in your lifetime.  We are transitioning from the Kali Yoga (the “age of destruction”) to the Sat Yoga (Golden Age or Age of Truth).  What an exciting time to be living in!


What will the Golden Age look like?  I ask myself this a lot.  And since we are co-creators of our reality, what you envision will have a strong influence on what it will look like.  So Dream Big, Imagine Grandly, Uplift Your Thoughts an d Mental State.


My yoga teacher, Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga Master, specifically brought Kundalini Yoga to the US from India, to help us deal with the stress of the Information Age (which we are in now) and this transition to the Golden Age.  The yoga kriyas he gave us to teach students are to help heal the nervous system from the onslaught of massive amounts of information and electromagnetic energy that we take in every day.  In addition, these yogic techniques train our brains to let go of negative programming (i.e. “I’m not good enough” type thinking) and open us up to our divine essence.   This is the most important piece in raising your consciousness. You must be living in your truth!


As we come to the end of the transitional period (1987 – 2012), Yogi Bhajan warned that keeping hold of free-reining emotions and dealing with mental distress that leads to destructive patterns will be the biggest challenge people will face.  He predicted that yoga would be the light in this storm of change.  And I have to agree.  A regular yoga practice keeps you centered, grounded and uplifted.


I am devoting the last 8 weeks of class to teaching meditation and yoga that will create and support an easeful transition into the Golden Age.  My advice is to get quiet and hone your vision for the coming years.  Envision yourself living your authentic, personal truth and come to yoga to meditate and manifest your vision for the future.


I envision a world where we are living in complete harmony with nature.  A time where we all live consciously and abundantly without harming the earth or any other creature.  A world where every being creatively lives their unique talents, skills and passions and is appreciated, beloved and supported by their community.

Sat Nam.

Every Monday 12:10 – 1 pm at The Glowing Body Yoga Studio.  Cost:  $5

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